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Specializing in Residential and Commercial Wood Framing, Project Management & More

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Experience, Expertise, Excellence

Serving the Framing and Construction Industry
Since 1986

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Get It Right the
First Time

Providing Builders and Developers With Professional, Cost-Effective, and Quality Framing Services

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Woodworking &
Carpentry Experts
in Washington

Founded in 1986, Winchester Construction Inc is one of the most respected structural framing firms in Washington. We stand tall as an emblem of unmatched excellence in the world of wood residential construction, providing builders and developers with professional, cost-effective, and quality framing solutions. Our company breathes life into visions of perfect homes with exceptional carpentry and woodwork, turning dream projects into tangible realities.

Bringing Your
Vision to Life

Our staff has years of experience working together in the Washington framing industry and is equipped to complete your project to your satisfaction. We're not just building contractors; we're creators, and we're ready to bring your vision to life.

Our team of cosmetic framers adds a touch of aesthetic brilliance to every project, making your home not just a living space, but a work of art. Our services are rooted in professionalism, punctuality, and a persistent pursuit of perfection.

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Our Services

We are committed to providing superior wood framing services, thanks to our team of skilled carpenters who bring years of experience to every project. Our expertise extends beyond the realm of wood. We are also proficient in steel placement and high-beam construction, solidifying our reputation as a comprehensive construction management service. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Wood Residential Construction

  • Woodwork and Carpentry

  • Wood Framing

  • Construction Management

  • Steel Placement and High Beam Construction

to Quality

Whether it's a small home renovation or a large-scale construction project, we approach every task with the same dedication and commitment to quality. We invite you to learn more about our services and the value we can add to your next construction project. Together, let's build a future that's as strong as our construction and as beautiful as our designs.